Value Added Resellers

Monetize the efforts of your sales force and ensure that your advertising customers get cost-effective leads by becoming a Value Added Reseller for Target Media Partners and its Recycler Automotive Network or Recycler Classified Network.

  • We distribute the inventory listings for your advertising clients across the Recycler Automotive Network and the Recycler Classified Network, including
  • Our networks reach over 36 million online users each month and assure advertisers that their inventories will be in top search results for Google and other search engines.
  • Our team of monetization professionals optimizes the placement of your clients’ listings on our partner websites so that they consistently receive cost-effective leads.
  • We function as your “back office” and can receive advertisers’ digitized inventory listing from any source.
  • We provide performance reports for advertisers which you can access through a custom-built Reseller portal.

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