Local advertisers trust Target Media Partners to market their goods and services online in a simple and cost effective manner.

We use Recycler our 40 co-branded local websites, the Recycler Automotive Network and our Recycler Classifieds Network to collectively reach more than 36 million visitors monthly.

Why Choose Recycler?

Recycler has been a popular destination website since 1995. With almost a million new ads posted each month and a new mobile site designed in Spring 2014, Recycler connects private parties and local businesses with motivated buyers in every major online marketplace category. Used cars, used SUVs  and other vehicles are our largest categories of local content. Other popular categories include pets, jobs, real estate, household goods and local business services.

Why buyers love recycler

  • Family-friendly and safer classifieds experience.
  • Recycler mobile site makes it easy to find items on-the-go.
  • Thousands of fresh, original, carefully screened classified listings.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use search tools to filter and sort for the items they want.
  • The ability to set geography, save favorite searches and request instant e-mail alerts of new listings of interest.

Why sellers love recycler

  • More than 200 in-market sales representatives provide a high level of consultative customer service and sales support every week.
  • Classifieds on Recycler are distributed across the Recycler Automotive Network and the Recycler Classified Network, reaching over 34 million online users every month.
  • Listings appear in top search results for Google and other search engines.
  • Integrated reporting systems assure that they receive the best possible return on their advertising expenditures.
  • Cost-effective leads.
  • High quality leads — because our users COME TO BUY!