Digital Solutions

We make digital advertising for auto dealers and other local businesses easy and cost-effective by enabling you to market your goods and services across mobile and the broader web.

Our comprehensive, integrated portfolio of performance-based digital ad solutions produce e-mail leads, phone calls, profile views and traffic to your website—all leading to visits to your business from in-market consumers!

Display Advertising

Our display advertising solutions include our proprietary Smart Ads, mobile geo-fencing and behavioral, contextual and geo-retargeting, as well as run-of-network display advertising. We utilize major display networks for mobile, tablet and desktop consumer targeting and reach 94% of domestic websites. Our AdEZ advertising platform enables us to cost-effectively manage thousands of micro-campaigns, and we deliver superior click-through rates because of the highly targeted nature of our display solutions.

Our mobile and desktop display ads deliver targeted customers to auto dealers and other local advertisers.

  • Increase brand awareness and visits to advertisers’ websites.
  • Generate phone calls and e-mails about specific cars for sale.
  • Provide clicks to auto dealers’ vehicle detail pages.
  • Provide clicks from buyers in specified geographic locations.

Smart Ads

Based on our proprietary algorithm, Smart Ads dynamically choose the best and most relevant cars in an auto dealer’s inventory to dynamically circulate through a rich-media carousel in real-time and direct traffic to vehicle detail pages. Our Smart Ads deliver click-thru rates substantially higher than industry norms for rich media.

Geo-fencing Mobile Ads

Our geo-fencing display ads provide real-time targeting to consumers using applications on their mobile phones, based on the consumers’ current locations. A geo-fencing campaign reaches mobile users within a specifically defined proximity of a relevant event or location. Sporting events are popular venues, as well as conventions, shopping malls, county fairs and auto dealerships. Because of their hyper-targeted nature, click-thru rates on our geo-fencing ads extremely high.

Local Search

Our local search network solution provides customers with a one-stop, easy listing experience on 300+ local digital directory sites and 40+ mobile applications. Our local search network generates meaningful and measurable customer actions—profile views, website visits, map views and directions, telephones calls and appointment clicks. Our digital directory listings promote all of our auto dealers’ revenue streams—used car sales, new car sales, parts & service and finance & insurance, and we have the unique capability to feature car inventory listings in our clients’ profile views.

TMP Automotive Network

The TMP Automotive Network is a lead generation program which promotes automobile inventory listings across 30+ premium auto and classified websites, including our own Recycler. Our Automotive Network reaches 40 million auto intenders every month and drives trackable leads—e-mails and phone calls—about specific cars for sale. We monitor leads for each of our customers on a daily basis and optimize distribution of their car listings across our partner sites to generate the highest possible return on investment for our customers.

Recycler has been a popular classified community marketplace since 1995. With almost a million new ads posted each month, Recycler connects private parties and local businesses with motivated buyers in every major online marketplace category. Used cars, trucks and other vehicles are our largest categories of local content. Other popular categories include pets, jobs, real estate, household goods and local business services.

TMP also owns leading websites that serve the unique needs of the long-haul trucking industry:Truck Job Seekers, Truckers Connection andThe Trucker.