Recycler Classifieds, from which Target Media Partners has its origin, was founded in a Hollywood, California garage in 1973 and over the next 25 years grew from a single classified free ad paper to a group of 18 publications covering the greater Southern California market and 14 targeted advertising publications in 10 other markets across the U.S. Recycler has been a popular destination website since 1995.

We formed Target Media Partners in 1998 with the spin-off of Recycler’s non-Los Angeles area publications when it was acquired by The Los Angeles Times.

From 1998-2008, we systematically completed more than 25 acquisitions of response-driven local or niche advertising publications across the country and upgraded or launched 40 websites as complements to our print publications. One of these transactions was our 2007 “reacquisition” of Recycler Classifieds, through which we gained control of Recycler and established a larger presence in Southern California, the largest vehicle market in the world.

In 2009, we assembled a team of experienced internet executives to lead the national ramp-up of our locally focused interactive advertising solutions business. Recognizing that Recycler is highly regarded by search engines and well-loved by loyal Southern California users, first efforts were devoted to its redesign.

We relaunched Recycler as a national marketplace in 2010, and we are leveraging our long-standing local customer relationships and our 200+ local sales representatives to dramatically grow our digital business. As part of the relaunch, we co-branded Recycler on our 40 local websites and in our popular local print publications to build on the strength of our local brands.

In addition, we initiated our TurboCare lead generation platform and established the Recycler Automotive Network and the Recycler Classified Network through partnerships with top-tier website publishers to which we selectively distribute our proprietary advertising listings. Using TurboCare and traffic from our partner sites in the Recycler Automotive Network and the Recycler Classified Network, as well as direct traffic on Recycler, we optimize response and provide measurable low cost leads for Target Media’s advertisers.

In 2011, we expanded our digital sales efforts into new metropolitan markets, introduced new interactive products to our portfolio of local advertising solutions and added numerous distribution partners to the Recycler Automotive Network and the Recycler Classified Network. Also in 2011, we began building a network of resellers whose advertisers benefit from the distribution of their listings on Recycler and its distribution network. Efforts to expand our distribution and content partnerships continue, and we encourage potential partners to contact us.

Transparency in Supply Chains: Target Media Partners seeks to require suppliers to comply with all applicable laws, including labor laws. We generally conduct regular assessments of suppliers, and intend to expand these assessments to obtain additional information about their activities, including those related to California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Such information would include, where appropriate, preliminary risk assessment and supplier assessment questions. Later steps may include making requests for certifications and/or performing audits. Currently we do not intend to utilize a third party for any verification or audit process. We are evaluating whether any additional training and changes in accountability standards for employees or vendors may be appropriate.